Research history

CAUCASIAN HIGHLAND PINE EXTRACTS - Unique solution for radioprotection, heavy metals detoxification, antioxidative and antiviral treatement, better blood circulation, cancer prevention.

First of all, we honor the memory of the prominent Georgian researcher prof. Vaja Khositashvili (1938-2013) who made an invaluable contribution to innovations in public health care, the study of pine medicinal properties and creation of complex phyto extracts Folium Pini and Menj-Uni. Special thanks to the Doctor of Science, Mr. Levan Khositashvili, who continues his active scientific work in pharmacology. As well as to all the pharmacists, technologists and researchers involved in creating these products.


Pine is one of the most studied plants in the world today. The unique properties of pine have been known all over the world especially since the 80s of the last century. Modern studies of pine have been attributed to the exceptional resistance to radiation, which has been first observed by scientists in the Soviet Union and France.

Chernobyl powerplant disaster, Ukraine, USSR. 1986
Chernobyl powerplant disaster, Ukraine, USSR. 1986.

In the process of elimination of the Chernobyl powerplant disaster consequences, researchers and scientists have focused on a highly remarkable fact - the pine forest that was planted around the nuclear power plant withstood the strongest radioactive radiation for 30 minutes. This forest later became known all over the world and was called "Red Forest". It was found that the pine withstood 90% of the radiation. It was later decided to bury part of the forest to retain radioactive dust, while the rest is still observed. Pine is a kind of radioprotective screen that has significantly inhibited the further spread of lethal radiation.

Pine forest withstood the strongest radioactive radiation
Pine forest withstood the strongest radioactive radiation

 Dead Forest near Chernobyl
The so-called Dead Forest near Chernobyl, which does not decay.

Around the same time (1966-1996), France conducted a tests of 181 nuclear bombs at the Atoll Moruroa range in the Pacific. Scientists here have also focused on the phenomenon that pine has the ability to withstand radiation, and at the same time continue a slow but stable biological process, despite strongest radiation.

Nuclear bomb tests on Atoll Moruroa (1966-1996), Pacific Ocean.
Nuclear bomb tests on Atoll Moruroa (1966-1996), Pacific Ocean.

As a result of these discoveries and observations, scientists began to use the beneficial properties of pine for medicinal purposes. In France and USSR scientists began research for the creation of phytochemical extracts of pine. The aim of the studies was to eliminate the harmful effects caused by radioactive radiation in the human body.

Prof. Vaja Khositashvili (1938-2013)

Prof. Vaja Khositashvili (1938-2013)

The author of the Georgian pine extract was a prominent scientist, professor Vaja Khositashvili (1938-2013), who worked in this direction at the Moscow Institute of Biochemistry (1980-1990). After the collapse of the USSR, he continued his research in Georgia. FOLIUM PINI is a natural product obtained by phytochemical extraction of highland Georgian pine and is a complex of highly useful biochemicals.

The radioprotective and heavy metal detox properties of FOLIUM PINI are very important. Studies have been conducted in the United States and the Georgia, in the Institute of Radiology to determine the release of heavy metals and radionuclides from the body. According to studies, sensational release of radionuclides from the human body was observed - before ingestion: 2 Bq, after ingestion - 150-200 Bq, including Uranium 238!

Examination of heavy metal release
from the human body after ingestion of FOLIUM PINI:

Heavy metal release

Georgian highland pine extract FOLIUM PINI is extremely useful and relevant bioactive additive in the modern reality: on the background of increased radiation, heavy metal pollution, heavy traffic, low quality food and tobacco consumption - cleansing-detoxification of the body, antiviral & anti-inflamation protection and intake of essential vitamins and necessary microelements are vital especially for urban residents, both in highland and coastal regions.