Folium Pini
Bio-active food additive

FOLIUM PINI - CAUCASIAN HIGHLAND PINE EXTRACT - Unique solution for radioprotection, heavy metals detoxification, antioxidative and antiviral treatement, better blood circulation, cancer prevention.

Folium Pini - Bio-active additives

The unique properties of pine extract as a heavy metal detoxifier and radioprotector are well known. Pine is the most studied product since the Chernobyl disaster in many countries around the world. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted and the unique properties of the phytochemical extract of pine have been confirmed. Georgia is one of the leading countries in terms of scientific study of the healing properties of pine, as well as in the field of production of highly effective extractions and bio-active additives. pollution monitoring in Georgia (Government official website).

FOLIUM PINI is a 100% natural pine extract, produced from the complete biological structure of pine from the bark to the conifers.

Folium Pini

Why did we start the scientific study of pine? This story dates back to the 1980s. The author of the FOLIUM PINI was Prof. Vazha Khositashvili, prominent researcher, who worked at the Moscow Institute of Biochemistry in 1980-1990. After the Chernobyl disaster, scientists noticed an amazing fact, unique discovery - a pine forest, located directly around the nuclear reactor, withstood radiation. This forest later became known as the Red Forest. Pine bark contained 90% of gamma radiation. This forest was later was partially buried to stop the spread of radioactive dust. Studies have shown that pine is a kind of radioprotective screen. During the same period, researchers in France also began to study pine scientifically. During 1966-1996 years France tested 181 atomic bombs at the Atoll Mururoa test site in the Pacific Ocean. French scientists have also drawn attention to the fact that despite this huge amount of radiation, the pine forest has continued a slow but stable biological process.

As a result of scientific observations, French researchers and pharmaceutical companies began to produce pine extracts. The extracts have been produced for over 30 years and are widely distributed in many countries.

More than 500 research have been published in various countries around the world, 200 clinical trials have been conducted on more than 10,000 patients, which has confirmed the absolute effectiveness of the pine extract.

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CAUCASIAN HIGHLAND PINE EXTRACTS - Unique solution for radioprotection, detoxification, antioxidative and antiviral treatement, overall body health.

  • Radiation protection
  • Heavy metal detox
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Antiviral
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflamatory
  • Protects colagen and elastin
  • Supports better blood circulation
  • Cancer prevention
  • Hair loss prevention

FOLIUM PINI - is a natural product obtained by phytochemical extraction of highland pine and is a complex of useful biochemical substances. Contains: Chlorophyll-Carotenoids, biologically pure Lipids, vitamins, Flavonoids, Polyphenols, complex aromatic compounds, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, stable essential compounds that affect and boost the human immune system.

80 Tablets, 550 mg
Chlorophyll - 400 mg%, Beta-carotene and Carotenoids - 20 mg%, Vitamin E-30 mg%, Vitamin K -1.2 mg%, Vitamin C-25 mg%, Polyprenols - 0.46 mg%, Terpenes-0 , 14 mg%, micronutrients - 5 mg%, Polyphenols - 7 mg%, complex biological compounds and proanthocyanidins - 5.8 mg%, Cellulose, Glucose.

Pharmacological Action:
Acts in the body by blocking the free radicals. Use of extract increases the resistance of the organism to the influence of harmful radiation. Strengthens immune system, regulates the cardiovascular, digestive and nervous system functions; Contributes to the increase in height of children, improves vision, provides stress protector effect. Posses a powerful antioxidant and anti-viral effect.

Chlorophyll-carotenoids are represented by biochemical compositions of vitamin-lipid-phytosterone origin. Sytosterol, stigmasterin and campesterin are structural components of the plant membrane and act as a cofactor for the synthesis of vitamin D (provitamin D) in the human body, which in turn ensures the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food into the small intestine. The result is stabilization of the cell phospholipid membrane, which is due to biologically active complementarity, and plays the role of stanins, which reduce the level of cholesterol and lipoproteins, which affect hormonal metabolism.

Vitamin D - performs the function of regulating the immune response. Through cell membrane receptors, it penetrates the cytoplasm and forms a complex with vitamin A; Affects the transcription of hundreds of genes in the DNA nucleus that are responsible for the proliferation and dedifferentiation of immune cells. In addition, it enhances the production of endogenous antibiotics in the body that can inhibit gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Phytosterols: reduce the absorption of cholesterol when ingested and are inhibitors of Cholesterol penetration into the intestine. This ability helps the body control the levels of HDL (High density lipoproteins) and LDL (Low density lipoproteins). Sterine molecules transmit information from cell to cell through signals and pulses and are secondary messengers of information transmission in human immune modules. This process is responsible for protecting the outer membrane of the cell and signaling the synthesis of immunoglobulins.

Chlorophyll and chlorophylls - green pigments that are the most important component of photosynthesis. The chemical structure of chlorophyll is complementary to the structure of the heme molecule (unlike heme, the chlorophyll nucleus contains magnesium), which contributes to the biologically active influence on human erythropoiesis. When chlorophyll enters the bloodstream, it enters the bloodstream, enriches it and initiates the mechanism of erythrocyte synthesis, which plays an important role in strengthening immunity and protects the human body from radiation immunosuppression (inhibition of immunity by radiation). Chlorophyll, by stimulating phagocytosis, enhances the immune response to viral infections; Increases antiviral activity in cells of the immune system; Increases the resistance of cellular structures to the penetration of viral information during temperature drop and cooling. Has pronounced antibacterial properties, which is due to the activation of nitrogen exchange processes in the body. Reduces the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the intestines and lung tissue, increases the activity of the intestinal microbiota. Stimulates tissue regeneration in inflammatory processes, hypothermic seasonal infections; Has powerful antioxidant properties.

Beta carotene (Provitamin A) and carotenoids (Tetraterpenes): Pigments, a powerful antioxidants. The unsaturated electronic structure of Beta-Carotene and Carotenoids helps molecules absorb very large amounts of free radicals, thus protecting the body from the destruction of cell membranes. Is a potent nonspecific immunostimulant; Protects cells during peroxidation; Increases the proliferative capacity of T-lymphocytes, including T-helpers. Elimination of peroxide radicals increases the ability of T cells to blastogenesis.

Provitamin A - is an important component in the synthesis of vitamin A, which plays a huge role in the synthesis of enzymes of the antioxidant group glutathione peroxidase (activation of Selenium incorporation), Hyaluronic acid, Heparin, Glycoproteins and Rosemary proteins. As a metabolite of Retinol, it plays an important role in the growth, differentiation and maintenance of epithelial and bone tissue functions.

Lutein - a carotenoid group pigment, is an integral part of the Folium Pini and affects the metabolic processes and immunogenesis of peripheral lymphoid tissue.

Vitamines: К, С, Е Vitamin K - Participates in the carboxylation of glutamic acid residues in the polypeptide chains of 14 GLA proteins in the human body, which play an important role in blood coagulation, vascular structure and metabolism. Vitamin E is a universal protector of cell membrane structures from oxidative processes (protection of membranes from peroxide destruction). Vitamin E is an immunomodulator and also an important component in T cell differentiation. It stimulates the recovery of the thymus after X-rays and chemotherapy, improves the active properties of the surface action of lung tissue, and improves the local immune response of the lungs during infections. Affects gastrointestinal immunity, enhances the synthesis of immunoglobulin A and T helper cells.

Vitamin C - is one of the main vitamins that participates in the normal functioning of the body, possesses coenzyme and antioxidant functions. Participates in the regulation of redox processes, regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, anticoagulation system of blood coagulation, tissue regeneration, antibodies and antibacterial reactions, increases the body's resistance to exogenous agents. Vitamin C is involved in the regulation of immunological reactions; Activates antibody synthesis and interferon production. Promotes phagocytosis, increases resistance to viral and bacterial infections.

Polyprenols - natural low molecular weight bioregulators, a substrate for the conversion of dolichol in the human body. Doliols are involved in the synthesis of glycoproteins, forming the basis of membrane receptors and enzymes; Ensure proper lipid composition of human tissue membranes.

Terpenes (Monoterphenic compounds) protect the tissues of the human body from various types of damage, successfully neutralizing aggressive singlet oxygen, thereby slowing down the aging process. Terpenes absorb connective tissue structures well with oxygen; Restore the supply of vitamins A, E and D in the body, thus preventing the development of many diseases of the skin and skeletal system. Terpenes enhance the proliferation of immune cells, stimulating the peripheral and central synthesis of immune cells faster than any substance known in nature. They have antimicrobial, antiviral and regenerative properties.

OMEGA-3 polyunsaturated acids have anti-inflammatory and anti-atherosclerotic properties, normalize and balance lipid metabolism, hormone metabolism, have immunostimulatory properties for sinusitis, and have a direct effect on the expression of genes in the expression of potent blood cells. Thus enhancing the immune response to anti-inflammatory processes. Intake of this group of substances during pregnancy strengthens the innate immunity of newborns.

Polyphenols and flavonoids - a class of plant compounds with cytoprotective, membrane strengthening and detoxifying properties. Once in the human body, they immediately participate in the fight against oxidative destruction of cells and form a shield against ongoing free radical compounds. They promote the growth of positive biot in the human intestine, stimulating all kinds of endosynthesis of biologically important substances in the body. They have immunoprotective properties that promote human functional immunity.

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs): Condensed tannins - a special group of phenolic compounds of the pigment series, polymers formed by the condensation of Flavan-3-ols, such as Procanidinine, Protelfinidinine, Propellargonidine. They have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, have radioprotective, anticancer and antimetastatic action, enhance the action of vitamins A and C. At the cellular level, they protect mitochondrial DNA from damage and non-systemic mutations.

Indications: Disorders of lipid metabolism, cardiovascular diseases, seasonal impairment of immunity, bacterial-viral pathologies. Increases body's resistance to virus attacks, increases resistance to influenza and acute respiratory viral infections; Protects cells from tumor processes and the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation (radioprotection). Removes radionuclides, heavy metals and radioactive substances from the body.

Contraindications: Pregnancy; Children under age of 5; Individual incompatibility & allergy.

Dosage: 1 - 2 tablets daily with water, 20 minutes before taking food.

Yearly courses: 1 - 2 courses.

Storage instructions: Store in a dark cool place.
Dispensed without a prescription.
Produced in Georgia by GAMA LTD

Heavy metal release analysis from the human body after ingestion of FOLIUM PINI: